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Intel Releases Unified Compiler toolkits oneAPI

Intel Releases Unified Compiler toolkits oneAPI

Intel has just announced the launch of its oneAPI 2022 toolkits, a new cross-architecture programming model designed to provide developers with tools to help improve the productivity and velocity of code development.

As announced, oneAPI’s new capabilities include a unified compiler implementing C++, SYCL and Fortran, data parallel Python for CPUs and GPUs, advanced accelerator performance modeling and tuning, as well as performance acceleration for AI and ray tracing visualization workloads which are all put together with the expectation of giving developers more utility and architectural choice to accelerate computing.

“I am impressed by the breadth of more than 900 technical improvements that the oneAPI software engineering team has done to accelerate development time and performance for critical application workloads across Intel’s client and server CPUs and GPUs,” said Greg Lavender, chief technology officer, senior vice president and general manager of the Software and Advanced Technology Group at Intel.

Designed to accelerate the development of cross-architecture applications, the 2022 Intel® oneAPI toolkits is designed to deliver performance and productivity through a complete set of advanced tools including compilers, libraries, pre-optimized frameworks, analyzers and debuggers.

“The rich set of oneAPI technologies conforms to key industry standards, with deep technical innovations that enable applications developers to obtain the best possible run-time performance from the cloud to the edge. Multi-language support and cross-architecture performance acceleration are ready today in our oneAPI 2022 release to further enable programmer productivity on Intel platforms,” continued Greg Lavender.

According to Intel, the new toolkits is expected to give developers the freedom to choose the best hardware for a given solution without the economic and technical burdens of proprietary programming models. In addition, the toolkits claimed to have being enhanced with over 900 new features over the past year, are now available for download or use in the Intel® DevCloud for free.