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3 Critical Importance of Ad-Hoc IT Support

Importance of Ad-Hoc IT Support

To ensure the smooth running of any business, Ad-Hoc IT support is one of the available IT support services options that organizations can consider irrespective of their size and IT need, with others including in-house support services and managed services.

Technical glitches, errors and disasters are terms very common in the IT field and mostly not avoidable, which continuously create needs for proper IT support service that can effectively respond to these IT issues, whenever they strike or occur.

Most companies these days prefer to outsource their IT departments rather than invest heavily in setting up and maintaining their own in-house team, to ensure that their information technology infrastructure functions effectively and without frequent breakdowns and interruptions.

However, when it comes to outsourcing IT support, there are two main options available including managed IT services and ad-hoc support services which is also called break/fix model. Choosing between these two options depends on the size of the business – when it is just a small business operation, Ad hoc support might be the ideal service to use, but when the business grows and is heavily reliant on IT systems, then the business is ready for managed services.

What is Ad-Hoc IT Support

Ad hoc implies an ‘as and when needed’-basis business model. Meaning that Ad-Hoc IT Support refer to any IT support contracted after a problem has occurred. Ad hoc support is the ideal service to use when it involve just a small operation and a company have exhausted their brain and resources on how to solve the IT Problem for free.

With Ad-Hoc IT Support, you pay for what you use when you use it, and there is nothing complicated about your operations. It is good for non-critical scenarios such as where there is no dependency on the system that is down, or where a viable alternative is available.

There are some point businesses need to ensure and to put in place when opting for Ad-Hoc support which include the following:

  • Put in place Strong IT system that rarely faces issues
  • If the company is looking to streamline their IT budget
  • Ability to cope with various, fluctuating costs of IT support billing
  • Availability of an on-site IT support to help with employee requests, upgrades and implementation.
  • If the business can handle downtime during IT breakdowns.

Importance of Ad-Hoc IT Support

  1. Low cost tech support: this support service is a pay as you go technical support which allows minimized IT budget by paying only for what is need, as and when it’s needed.
  2. 24/7 support: Ad-Hoc Support is a remote and an onsite assistance that is available 24/7 providing solutions and handling IT cases.
  3. Eliminate the need of hiring an in-house tech specialists: With outsourcing, you really need not worry about hiring tech experts who need to be paid salary whether there an issue to fix or not. You just need to search for the service provider that suit your need and budget. This ultimately gives you more time to concentrate on other core business processes.


Until a company is ready to upgrade to a managed IT contract, ad-hoc IT support services are invaluable. With our ad-hoc service at PodTech, you can be sure that your organization’s IT problems will be fix swiftly, in a professional and cost-effective manner.

Whether it’s a small business looking to keep tech support costs low, or a large-scale enterprise in need of extra manpower to complete a time-sensitive project, our ad hoc IT support service provides you with the perfect solution. You can call upon our ad-hoc 24/7 IT support services to help you with the many problems you might encounter on your IT journey.