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Dell Expands It Cloud Data Services Portfolio

Dell Technologies has announced the launch of new cloud service offerings which are expected to help customers manage and protect applications across data centers and multi-cloud environments. Expanding its cloud data services portfolio, Dell Technologies has just released new solutions that include Dell APEX Cyber Recovery Service, Dell PowerProtect Cyber Recovery for Microsoft Azure, and […]

10 Ways Augmented Reality is Transforming Data Center Management

10 Ways Augmented Reality is Transforming Data Center Management As businesses and organizations are transforming their mode of operations to a more digitally inclined ecosystem, there is a corresponding increase in the demand for core digital infrastructures and as such, data center operators are restlessly seeking for solutions that will simultaneously transform their in-house operations […]

TriggerMesh Launches Its Open Source Kubernetes Platform

TriggerMesh has just announced the launch of its first Integration Platform as an open source project for Kubernetes, to simplify and accelerate application and data connectivity for enterprise technology teams across multiple clouds and on-premises data centers. As announced, the free and open source platform is design to allow cloud operators and DevOps practitioners deploy […]

6 Top Guide for Effective IT Support Services

6 Top Guide for Effective IT Support Services Errors, technical glitches and disasters are terms very common in the IT field and mostly not avoidable,  creating the need for every IT service provider to put in place a proper IT support services team that can effectively respond to these IT issues, errors, glitches or disaster […]

MPO Connector – Ready for business

Improved design and engineering efforts make the interface a strong asset, not a weak link. As the industry deploys 40-Gbit/sec optical networks and moves ahead to 100-Gbit/sec data rates, service providers and data center managers may question whether the multi-fiber push-on (MPO) connector can perform reliably at those speeds. They saw the first-generation MPO as […]

SMP – Symmetric Multiprocessing

In computing, symmetric multiprocessing or SMP involves a multiprocessor computer hardware architecture where two or more identical processors are connected to a single shared main memory and are controlled by a single OS instance. Most common multiprocessor systems today use an SMP architecture. In the case of multi-core processors, the SMP architecture applies to the […]

DWDM – What is DWDM?

DWDM – What is DWDM? Short for Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing, an optical technology used to increase bandwidth over existing fiber optic backbones. DWDM works by combining and transmitting multiple signals simultaneously at different wavelengths on the same fiber. In effect, one fiber is transformed into multiple virtual fibers. So, if you were to multiplex […]

Calculating PUE

Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) is a standard developed by The Green Grid‚Ñ¢ consortium to provide a clear answer to the primary issue surrounding energy efficiency within the data center which is how much power is devoted to driving the actual computing/IT components (servers, for example) versus the ancillary support elements such […]