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UNIX – Fork Explained

Mr. Peabody Explains fork() Introduction How Windows Does It How Unix Does It So Why Do People Want the Unix Way? How does it work in Perl? Introduction UNIX – Fork Explained Say, Mr Peabody. I was just reading through the Perl 5.6 release notes and noticed that a new function called fork() is now […]

VBA – Remove Blank Rows

VBA – Remove Blank Rows as below: [vb] Sub DeleteBlankRows1() ‘Deletes the entire row within the selection if the ENTIRE row contains no data.   ‘We use Long in case they have over 32,767 rows selected. Dim i As Long   ‘We turn off calculation and screenupdating to speed up the macro. With Application .Calculation […]

HTML Pound/Dollar Symbol £$

HTML ISO-8859-1 Reference ISO-8859-1 ISO-8859-1 is the default character set in most browsers. The first 128 characters of ISO-8859-1 is the original ASCII character-set (the numbers from 0-9, the uppercase and lowercase English alphabet, and some special characters). The higher part of ISO-8859-1 (codes from 160-255) contains the characters used in Western European countries and […]