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What is Software Piracy?

Software piracy is the unlawful use/copy of software in a way that is outside the official documentation of a software. It can also be seen as the illegal act of stealing software that is legally protected whether intentionally done or not. The act of software piracy is committed by a mind-boggling cross section of the […]

Community Consulting Security

CompTIA Expands Cybersecurity Footprint in the UK

CompTIA Expands Cybersecurity Footprint in the UK CompTIA has just announced the expansion of its cybersecurity information sharing and Analysis Organization (CompTIA ISAO) to the UK with plans to serve as the focal point for dealing with cyber-threats among technology vendors, MSPs, solution providers, integrators, distributors, and business technology consultants. According to the nonprofit association […]

Security UNIX

Heart Bleed – Exploit Example Code

Heart Bleed – Exploit Example Code If you need to test your server for the vulnerability, here is a simple Python script… [python] #!/usr/bin/python import sys import struct import socket import time import select import re from optparse import OptionParser options = OptionParser(usage=’%prog server [options]’, description=’Test for SSL heartbeat vulnerability (CVE-2014-0160)’) options.add_option(‘-p’, ‘–port’, type=’int’, default=443, […]

Security UNIX

Setting up SSH public/private keys

Setting up SSH public/private keys SSH (Secure Shell) can be set up with public/private key pairs so that you don’t have to type the password each time. Because SSH is the transport for other services such as SCP (secure copy), SFTP (secure file transfer), and other services (CVS, etc), this can be very convenient and […]