May 7, 2020


  • Red Hat Announces General Availability of its Migration Toolkit

    Red Hat, Inc., has just announced the general availability of its migration toolkit for virtualization to help organizations accelerate open hybrid cloud strategies while making migration of existing workloads to modern infrastructure easier. In 2020, Red Hat announced its OpenShift Virtualization alongside its migration toolkits that come with OpenShift in an effort to help organizations[...]

  • Quantum Xchange & CommStar Team Up on Space Communications

    Quantum Xchange has just announced that it has team up with CommStar Space Communications (CommStar) aiming to Protect Advanced Earth-to-Moon Communications Infrastructure as well as to transform the way space communications are delivered, operated, and made accessible. As announced, the partnership will bring together each company’s area of expertise where CommStar will integrate and operate[...]

  • Accenture to Acquire Consulting Firm Umlaut

    Accenture has today announced its agreement to acquire umlaut, an engineering consulting and services firm with the intention to significantly scale its deep engineering capabilities to help companies use digital technologies like cloud, artificial intelligence and 5G. According to Accenture, the acquisition will add more than 4,200 engineers and consultants across 17 countries to its[...]

  • Xilinx Acquires Software Company Silexica

    Xilinx, Inc. has just announced its acquisition of Silexica, a privately-held provider of C/C++ programming and analysis tools with the aim of providing its developers with an unparalleled development building applications experience on FPGAs and Adaptive SoCs. As announced, Silexica’s SLX FPGA tool suite will be integrated with the Xilinx Vitis™ unified software platform with[...]

  • Honeywell and Cambridge Quantum Form Quantum Business

    Honeywell has just announced its plans to combine Honeywell Quantum Solutions (HQS) with Cambridge Quantum Computing (CQC) aiming to form advanced standalone quantum computing company – with a projection of becoming a $1 trillion quantum computing industry over the next three decades. As announced, the new company is to build high performance quantum computer and[...]

  • Cisco & AT&T Collaborate on Enhanced Cloud Communications

    Cisco and AT&T Business have just announced their collaboration on cloud communications service to bring together Webex Calling with AT&T – Enterprise to Cisco's Unified Communications Manager – Cloud (UCMC), with the aim of helping businesses optimize operations and accelerate digital transformation in nearly any environment. “The shift to hybrid work changed how companies operate[...]

  • Deloitte Acquires Cloud Security Firm CloudQuest

    Deloitte has just announced its acquisition of CloudQuest, Inc., a cloud security posture management (CSPM) provider to bolster its existing cloud security offerings and to seamlessly manage security workflows, reduce risk and improve data security. “While the global pandemic slowed some things, it didn't slow cloud migration or cloud reliance for the vast majority of[...]

  • AWS Announces Availability of Amazon ECS Anywhere

    Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS) has just announced the general availability of its Elastic Container Service (ECS) Anywhere – a new capability for Amazon ECS that enables customers to run and manage container-based applications on-premises using the same APIs and deployment pipelines they use with Amazon ECS in AWS. Amazon ECS Anywhere is expected to[...]

  • Cloudera to be Acquired by CD&R and KKR for $5.3B

    Cloudera has just announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to be acquired by affiliates of Clayton, Dubilier & Rice (“CD&R”) and KKR in an all cash transaction valued at approximately $5.3 billion. As announced, the Board of Directors of Cloudera has unanimously approved the transaction with the recommendation that Cloudera shareholders approve[...]

  • Cloudera to Acquire SaaS Companies Datacoral & Cazena

    Cloudera, has just announced that it has agreed to acquire two SaaS companies Datacoral and Cazena, in separate transactions to support its public cloud offering as well as to expand its market opportunity as the company intends to move beyond big data to self-service. "The acquisitions will enable Cloudera to usher in a new era[...]

  • Relativity Acquires AI Technology Company Text IQ

    Relativity has just announced that it has acquired Text IQ, an AI company to enable law firms, enterprises and service providers to reliably and efficiently identify and manage sensitive data in an integrated intelligent suite. As announced, Text IQ leverages machine learning (ML), graphical modeling, social network analysis (SNA), natural language processing (NLP) and deep[...]

  • Capgemini & Orange Partner with Microsoft on New Cloud Company

    Capgemini and Orange have today announced their plan to set up a new company named “Bleu” in France, in collaboration with Microsoft with the intention of providing a ”Cloud de Confiance” service for the French State. “As a strategic partner to our clients, Capgemini is focused on building the services they need, based on leading[...]