May 7, 2020


  • Linux Foundation, Prometeo & IBM Partners on Firefighter Safety Project

    The Linux Foundation in collaboration with IBM have together announced their agreement to host Pyrrha – a new firefighter safety open source project created and contributed by Prometeo Platform S.L., aiming to help accelerate the development and deployment of firefighter safety technology around the world. Through the Pyrrha open source project – Prometeo, the Linux[...]

  • Accenture & Pega Cobuild Tech Platform PostingConnect

    Accenture and Pegasystems (Pega) have just announced the launch of PostingConnect – a new technology platform that is design to help streamline the Australian Defence Force (ADF)'s relocation process for ADF members including a mobile app. “We are proud to be working with the Department of Defence, alongside Pega, to implement this new capability that[...]

  • Microsoft Acquires Cyber Security Firm CloudKnox Security

    Microsoft has just announced its acquisition of CloudKnox Security, a Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM) company, to offer unified privileged access and cloud entitlement management as well as to help organizations strengthen their cloud security and Zero Trust. As announced, CloudKnox offers complete visibility into privileged access, helping organizations right-size permissions, enforce least-privilege principles to[...]

  • Avast and RiskIQ Partners on Threat Intelligence

    Avast and RiskIQ have just announced a threat intelligence partnership, under which the companies intends to use their specific areas of expertise to develop combined threat intelligence that will be available to their customer bases to enhance their security practices. Avast claims its threat intelligence platform protects a lot of endpoints from internet threats, while[...]

  • IFS Acquires Feedback Tech Company Customerville

    IFS has just announced its acquisition of Customerville, a Design-Driven Feedback™ technology provider, with the expectation of creating a uniquely strong proposition for its customers. The cloud enterprise applications company IFS expects that the acquisition will help their customer deliver outstanding moments of service through the ability to gather the voice of the customer at[...]

  • Accenture Acquires Oracle Cloud Service Provider Cloudworks

    Accenture has just announced its acquisition of Cloudworks, a Toronto-based Oracle Cloud implementation service provider across North America, to enhance its capabilities to deliver Oracle solutions to clients on their journeys to the cloud. “The impact of the Cloudworks team and its experience working with clients in Canada and the U.S. bolsters our entire Oracle[...]

  • IBM to Acquire Software Company Bluetab Solution Group

    IBM has just announced an agreement to acquire Bluetab Solutions Group, S.L., an enterprise software and technical services company, with the intention of extending its portfolio of data and hybrid cloud consulting services. According to IBM, Bluetab whose customer base spans across brands in the banking, telecommunications, as well as energy and utilities industries in[...]

  • Microsoft Unveils its Cloud PC Windows 365

    Microsoft Corp. has just announced its Windows 365, a cloud service that takes the operating system of Windows 10 or Windows 11 to the Microsoft cloud with the aim of introducing a new experience to businesses of all sizes. Aside taking operating system to the Microsoft cloud, Windows 365 is design to stream the full[...]

  • Fortive to Acquire ServiceChannel for $1.2B

    Fortive has just announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire ServiceChannel, a global provider of SaaS-based multi-site facilities maintenance service solutions with an integrated service-provider network. According to Fortive, the 1999 founded company, ServiceChannel is expected to expand its leading offering of Facility and Asset Lifecycle workflow solutions, alongside its Accruent[...]

  • Microsoft to Acquire Cyber Security Company RiskIQ

    Microsoft has today announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire RiskIQ, a threat intelligence and attack surface management firm, to strengthen cybersecurity of digital transformation and hybrid work. Microsoft intends to help their customers build a more comprehensive view of the global threats to their businesses through this acquisition as well[...]

  • Atos and IBM to Collaborate on Dutch Defense Infrastructure

    Atos and IBM have just announced their plans to collaborate on building a new, highly-advanced digital infrastructure for the Dutch Ministry of Defense, with the aim of helping to ensure classified government information remains protected. “Our work on Groundbreaking IT (GrIT) marks our continued commitment to building secure infrastructures that help global customers accelerate their[...]

  • Accenture Acquires Tech Company Nell’Armonia

    Accenture has today announced the completion of its acquisition of Nell’Armonia, a leading consulting and technology company specialized in enterprise performance management (EPM) solutions, with the aim of helping clients navigate their digital transformation. Accenture had earlier announced its intent to acquire the company on June 1, 2021 with an undisclosed financial terms, with the[...]