Schneider Electric Launches Free Data Center Professional Education Platform

Schneider Electric has announced the launch of its rebranded digital education platform, Schneider Electric University, which offers free online guidance on data center technology, sustainability, and energy efficiency initiatives, aimed at directly addressing the data center sector skills gap.

Prior to its rebrandng as Schneider Electric University, members of the Data Center Science Center at APC™, Schneider Electric’s flagship brand of battery back-up power, surge protection, and IT physical infrastructure for data centers and edge computing environments, created the ‘Data Center University’ as a free resource to help train and upskill industry professionals.

Apart from rebranding, Schneider Electric has made new updates to the Schneider Electric University Data Center Certified Associate (DCCA) qualification which include fundamentals of power, cooling, racks, and physical security, and guidance on how to optimize data center designs to drive resilience, energy efficiency and sustainability.

Some of Schneider Electric University’s latest courses include Optimizing Cooling Layouts for the Data Center; Fundamental Cabling Strategies in the Data Center; Examining Fire Protection Methods in the Data Center; and Fundamentals of Cooling II – Humidity in the Data Center. The curriculum also addresses other focal points for the industry such as Data Center Site Selection and Planning.

“In the last few years data center capacity demands have grown exponentially, reaching record new highs as digitization and cloud adoption accelerates. The sector skills shortage, however, remains a significant challenge and has potential implications for other connected industries,” said Rob McKernan, Senior Vice President, Secure Power Division, Schneider Electric Europe.

“By providing guidance on the latest technology and sustainability initiatives, we believe the Schneider Electric University offers an invaluable resource to help bridge the skills gap by empowering business ecosystems, reskilling the workforce, and training the next generation of professionals to build the data centers of the future.”

As announced, all courses on the Schneider Electric University platform are available as self-paced, one-hour modules, in 14 different languages, offering free access to energy education. To date, the platform has delivered more than one million courses to over 650,000 data center users across 180+ countries.