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Qualcomm and Microsoft Launch Project Volterra for AI Developers

Qualcomm and Microsoft Launch Project Volterra for AI Developers

Qualcomm Technologies and Microsoft have announced Project Volterra, a new device or kit for building Windows AI applications, which uses Qualcomm’s in-built neural processing unit (NPU), and powered by the Snapdragon Compute Platform.

This announcement follows Qualcomm’s launch of its AI Engine toolkit for Windows developers known as the Qualcomm Neural Processing SDK for Windows. This toolkit provides developers with tools they need to hardware-accelerate ML model inference in their Windows applications when running on Snapdragon.

With Project Volterra, Windows developers will be able to explore AI scenarios through the new Qualcomm Neural Processing SDK for Windows toolkit. Developers will therefore, use Project Volterra Kit to build, test, and debug ARM64, ARM64EC, and AI applications accelerated on the Qualcomm’s Hexagon processor in Windows.

Developers can also use the Project Volterra development device alongside other productivity tools, including Windows Terminal, WSL, Microsoft Office, and Teams, and Visual Studio as well as Visual Studio Code IDEs.

“We’ve built a powerful, cross-platform development pattern for building AI experiences that span the cloud and edge. This pattern allows you to make late binding runtime decisions on whether to run inferencing on Azure or the local client. It can also dynamically shift the load between client and cloud,” said Panos Panay, Chief Product Officer, Windows and Devices, Microsoft.

“And because Project Volterra contains a powerful Neural Processing Unit (NPU), it will be a great device upon which to explore the new Hybrid Loop pattern and the Prototype AI toolchain in Azure ML.”

This announcements also come few days after Microsoft announced the launch of its new cloud-based software development workstation, Microsoft Dev Box, supporting hybrid and multi-sized teams. This new cloud service provides developers with pre-configured programming tools and coding resources. However, Dev teams can as well preconfigure Dev Boxes for specific projects and tasks, enabling developers to get started quickly with a ready-to-code and build environment, thus saving individual setup time.