Oracle has just announced that its Oracle MySQL HeatWave now supports in-database machine learning (ML) in addition to the previously available transaction processing and analytics, to help eliminate the need to move data or the model to a machine learning tool or service.

As announced, MySQL HeatWave ML fully automates the machine learning lifecycle and stores all trained models inside the MySQL database with the expectation of reducing application complexity, lowering cost, and improving security of both the data and the model. In addition, Oracle stated that customers can now retrain their models more often and keep up with changes to data – keeping the models up-to-date and improving the accuracy of predictions.

“Just as we integrated analytics and transaction processing within a single database, we are now bringing machine learning inside MySQL HeatWave. MySQL HeatWave is one of the fastest growing cloud services at Oracle,” said Edward Screven, chief corporate architect, Oracle.

Included with the MySQL HeatWave database cloud service in all 37 Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) regions, HeatWave ML as stated, offers different capabilities including Fully Automated Model Training, Model and Inference Explanations, Hyper-Parameter Tuning, Algorithm Selection, Intelligent Data Sampling, as well as Feature Selection.

“An increasing number of customers have migrated from Amazon and other cloud database services to MySQL HeatWave and have gained significant performance improvements and lower costs. Today, we are also announcing a number of other innovations which enrich HeatWave’s capabilities, improve availability, and lower the cost,” continued Edward Screven.

Oracle also releases more innovations to the MySQL HeatWave service, including Real-time elasticity – enables customers to upsize and downsize their HeatWave cluster without the need to manually rebalance the cluster, data compression – enables customers to process twice the amount of data per node and lowers costs, and a new pause-and-resume function – enables customers to pause HeatWave to save costs.