Uploading Decent Quality Photos with iPhoto

For some reason iPhoto has decided not to upload good quality photos to Facebook anymore…

Here is my work around.


  1. In iPhoto, highlight the photos you wish to upload
  2. Click File >> Export
  3. Change the file size to 700px
  4. Ensure format PNG is selected and export to a folder on your desktop
  5. Now open Facebook and click add photo
  6. Browse to your desktop folder that contain the exported photos that are now 700px in size
  7. Select all your photos at once using the Ctrl button
  8. Select upload in high quality
For reliability do not tag anyone until after you have uploaded the album succesfully.
If it fails go back in the browser and re-submit. I have uploaded about 90 high res photos at a time with this method no problem.
WALA! You should retain high quality images without too much effort to do so.