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HPE Launches New ML System for AI Development and Model Training

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has just announced the launch of its new HPE Machine Learning Development System, a solution that integrates machine learning software platforms, compute, accelerators, and networking to develop and train more accurate AI models faster, and at scale.

The new HPE Machine Learning Development System is built through the combination of HPE’s AI and high performance computing (HPC) offerings with Determined AI’s machine learning (ML) platform which was acquired by HPE – now formally called the HPE Machine Learning Development Environment.

“Enterprises seek to incorporate AI and machine learning to differentiate their products and services, but are often confronted with complexity in setting up the infrastructure required to build and train accurate AI models at scale,” said Justin Hotard, executive vice president and general manager, HPC and AI, at HPE.

“The HPE Machine Learning Development System combines our proven end-to-end HPC solutions for deep learning with our innovative machine learning software platform into one system, to provide a performant out-of-the box solution to accelerate time to value and outcomes with AI.”

In terms of specifications and performance, the HPE Machine Learning Development System delivers compute, and interconnect, starting at a small configuration of 32 NVIDIA GPUs, up to a larger configuration of 256 NVIDIA GPUs. On a small configuration of 32 NVIDIA GPUs, HPE states that the new system can deliver approximately 90% scaling efficiency for workloads such as Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Computer Vision.

The launch of the new HPE Machine Learning Development System follows the announcement of the new HPE Swarm Learning, an AI-powered privacy-preserving, decentralized machine learning solution that allows users to share learnings or insights at edge, or distributed sites without compromising data privacy. HPE Swarm Learning was developed by Hewlett Packard Labs, the company’s R&D organization.

Additionally, HPE has announced that it is building on its collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. to deliver advanced inferencing offerings to support heterogenous system architectures that provide AI inferencing at scale.