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How to Onboard Remote Employees

According to William Shakespeare “Small cheer and a great welcome makes a merry feast”. A strong onboarding process results in much happier employees while helping them discover how their roles fit in with the rest of the company’s workforce. Considering the outbreak of the coronavirus, it is essential that employers and HR experts get a […]


Cloud Computing and Its Sides (Pros & Cons)

Businesses relied solely on software, servers, databases, hardware and other peripherals to take their operations online. Before the inception of cloud computing, companies had to purchase these components to make sure their websites and other applications reach their customers or users. However, all of these components – serves, hardware and software come with their own […]


Employee Retention Strategy for IT Firms

A steady increase in the global employee turnover rate is becoming an issue of utmost concern to employers, human resource managers and associated experts. More threatening is the fact that employee retention poses to be highly difficult in the IT industry which has grown to become the focus or core of every innovation across all […]


Intellectual Property (IP) Protection

Intellectual property (IP) refers to invented works, designs, models, symbols, names, images, and any asset of commercial or social value which are mostly creations of the mind and unique in nature. IP are mostly of inestimable commercial value especially at the point of conception and that is why inventors or innovators need proper protection for […]