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Solaris Zones

Solaris Zones 1 Overview 1.1 Global Zone – overview 1.2 Non-Global Zone – overview 2 Considerations before choosing zones 2.1 When should I consider using zones? 2.2 Can Solaris 8 be provided in a zone? 3 Resource Management 3.1 CPU capping 3.2 Memory capping 3.3 Process capping 3.4 Global Zone Capping 4 Configuration 4.1 Supported […]


Oracle Solaris 11 Overview

Oracle Solaris 11 Overview Production ready release delivering leading operating system technology innovation to improve availability, efficiency, scalability, performance, and security in the data center. What’s New Documentation System Requirements FAQ Oracle Solaris 11 Express raises the bar on the functionality introduced in Oracle Solaris 10, continuing Oracle’s leadership for providing the best choice for […]


Add a VIP in Solaris

Add a VIP in Solaris 1) create /etc/hostname.<interfacename>:<n> containing the hostname of the virtual IP example: /etc/hostname.bge0:1 2) add the hostname and virtual IP to /etc/hosts 3) use the following commands to configure the interface: ifconfig <interfacename>:<n> plumb example: ifconfig bge0:1 plumb ifconfig <interfacename>:<n> <IP address> netmask <netmask> broadcast + up example: ifconfig hme0:1 […]