Oracle Launches New  Cloud Research Repository – Open Data

Oracle for Research has just announced the launch of a new cloud service codename Oracle Open Data, a repository designed to curate information that can enable researchers, scientists, and developers solve complex problems to further accelerate scientific discovery.

The newly created cloud service, Oracle Open Data is designed to connect researchers, developers, students and educators with petabytes of open data from trusted resources including spatial images, protein sequences, and annotated text files, gathered from the world’s leading scientific databases.

“Today marks an exciting milestone for Oracle for Research. Through our newly launched cloud-focused programs, products, and services, Oracle for Research is realizing our vision to accelerate discovery and results, and help change the world for good through an integrated community of researchers working collaboratively with Oracle and Oracle Cloud,” said Alison Derbenwick Miller, Vice President, Oracle for Research.

As announced, Oracle Open Data focuses on data sets that span genomics and bioinformatics, geospatial data, earth and climate science, Artificial Intelligence (AI) as well as Machine Learning (ML). In addition, Oracle claims to be the only cloud provider that is currently offering access to the new ZINC 22 dataset – enabling virtual screening of commercially available molecules, each with 3D structure compounds.

According to Oracle, all the datasets in Oracle Open Data are located close to compute resources – including Oracle’s powerful High Performance Computing (HPC) and graphics processing unit (GPU) resources, reducing the cost and time needed to move and use them. The offering is expected to provide important metadata and sample code for each dataset, to simplify technical complexities and make it easy for researchers to use.

Oracle for Research also announced two award programs including Oracle for Research Cloud Starter Award and Oracle for Research Project Awards – both design to offer new pathways to advance science and support global research communities in the Oracle Cloud ecosystem.