Microsoft Expands Its India Development Center in Noida

Microsoft has just announced the expansion of its India Development Center (IDC) in Noida, to further grow its footprint in India and to strengthen its presence with the aim of attracting the best talent from premier colleges in the country.

The Noida expanded facility, KP Towers is Microsoft’s third of its kind in India and is said to be spread across 150,000 square feet with others across cities like Hyderabad and Bengaluru.  These facilities are built to drive digital innovation through expanded teams in Cloud & AI, Experiences and Devices Group, Microsoft Digital Teams, and the Gaming Publisher Experience (GPX).

As announced, the KP Towers worksite facilities are designed with the expectation of attracting a rich tech talent pool from engineering and management institutions to better meet the needs of Microsoft’s customers and create a direct and indirect economic impact in the region.

“The expansion of the India Development Center in Noida is our continued effort to empower every person and every organization on this planet to achieve more. We are set to trigger a new frontier in innovation as we continue to grow our presence across the country. The excellent facilities at the KP Towers workplace provide the right environment for shaping the future of the IT industry in this part of the world,” said Rajiv Kumar, Managing Director at Microsoft India Development Center.

According to Microsoft, IDC houses three technology groups and core engineering services which include Cloud & AI –responsible for driving the company’s overall AI and Cloud strategy, Experiences & Devices Group – works on the software platform, games, apps, and devices that power the Windows ecosystem, Microsoft Digital – dedicated to Microsoft employees’ digital transformation on various platforms as well as Gaming Publisher Experience (GPX) – responsible for the provision of tools and services from Xbox to Azure to empower Microsoft’s game creators.