Google Cloud Launches Climate Change Initiative

Google Cloud has just announced a new initiative on the impacts of climate change, partnering with leading data and application providers to help global businesses and governments accelerate sustainability programs and to make informed-decisions on future growth.

According to Google Cloud, the partners of the initiative including CARTO, Climate Engine, Geotab, NGIS, and Planet are bringing their core applications and dataset of over 50 petabytes of satellite imagery, demographics, mobility, and telematics to Google Cloud to enable customers deploy new solutions as well as accelerate their sustainability initiatives.

“We are committed to helping customers meet and exceed their sustainability goals with the industry’s cleanest cloud and through solutions that will help customers across industries make more data- and sustainability-driven decisions. These partnerships will help businesses and governments take action and accelerate their sustainability initiatives. We’re proud to work with these leaders and to support customers on their sustainability journeys,” said Kevin Ichhpurani, Corporate Vice President, Global Ecosystem at Google Cloud.

Planet, Climate Engine, and NGIS – partners of the initiative are expected to integrate their growing datasets on topics like water availability, agriculture, weather risks, daily satellite imagery, and more into Google Earth Engine and Google BigQuery, with the intention of providing customers with a comprehensive view of the changing planet which can help them operate their businesses in sustainable ways.

“NGIS is thrilled to work with Google Cloud and its partners to enable business accountability for sustainable practices at all levels of their supply chain. Google Earth Engine provides unique geospatial capability that enables our global approach to accelerate these initiatives, giving leaders visibility and control over their environmental footprint and that of their suppliers in a way that was not previously possible,” said Nathan Eaton, Executive Director at NGIS.

“The challenge of our age is the environment and achieving sustainability. Planet’s universal dataset and Google Cloud’s scalable computing power will enable businesses and governments globally to achieve their sustainability goals,” said Will Marshall, CEO at Planet.

Google Cloud stated that the partnership solutions are now available for customers and can be accessed via the Google Cloud Marketplace or through a Google Cloud or partner representative.