Datameer & Snowflake Partner on Multi-Persona Data Modeling Solution

Datameer has today announced a partnership with Snowflake, to launch a multi-persona code/no-code data modeling and transformation solution on Snowflake, designed to enable customers model and transform data, regardless of their programming skills.

The new solution is expected to offer an innovative data modeling and transformation toolset that will bring non-coders into the analytic engineering process and fosters collaboration between citizen data users and engineers while accelerating the creation and delivery of datasets for analytics, machine learning, and reporting.

“One of the primary reasons customers love Snowflake is because we eliminate barriers for business users, independent of their programming skills, to work with data. The Datameer solution helps enable this goal by opening up Snowflake to the entire analytics community regardless of their SQL or Python proficiency,” said Tarik Dwiek, Head of Technology Alliances at Snowflake.

According to Datameer, the new solution will enable data engineers review, contribute or optimize their datasets, if needed using a more traditional SQL editor as well as those with no prior SQL coding experience can self-serve and create their own datasets inside of Snowflake via a no-code visual interface.  In addition, Datameer is expected to give data engineers the control they require and analysts the ability to support a collaborative data modeling and transformation process.

“Even the most progressive data-driven organizations struggle with keeping the data centralized and making it easily accessible and usable for anyone in the organization. Datameer provides the last puzzle piece, enabling the citizen data user to create and curate Snowflake data into reusable datasets without leaving Snowflake, saving engineering team time, and enabling fast, easy and consistent reporting,” said George Shahid, CEO of Datameer.

As announced, the Datameer SaaS data transformation solution for Snowflake is now available, however, organizations are invited to schedule a personalized private preview to get a more detailed look, after which they can receive a free trial of the new solution.