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Scrum Master

Job Description

As a Scrum Master/tech lead you will be responsible for managing dedicated technical teams to improve and lead the software project delivery and implement structured Agile processes. The Scrum Master will report to the Head of Delivery and work closely Software Architects, Developers and Testers all committed to delivering their projects.

Key Responsibilities

  • Lead the planning and implementation of IT projects (primarily software development) using methodologies such as SCRUM, KANBAN etc.
  • Serve as a liaison for his/her Scrum teams with all the project stakeholders
  • Responsibilities include scheduling/planning, issue and risk management, and weekly reporting
  • To Manage and supervise adherence to project schedule utilizing JIRA
  • Ensure continual improvement action plan is created and implemented with the help of project team based on customer feedback, retro etc
  • Organize regular progress reviews & other team meetings using the Agile/Scrum meetings/ceremonies.
  • Ensure performance indicators (velocity, satisfaction, team commitment, deadline) are understood and respected by the team members during each sprint.
  • Facilitate stand ups, agile/ scrum ceremonies, decision making, and conflict resolution.

Candidate Requirements

  • Relevant Scrum Master Certification, or similar
  • Excellent English speaking and writing skills.
  • Commercial experience as a Scrum Master, enhancing business understanding of Agile values and principles
  • Experience working closely with software development teams, understanding technical requirements
  • Relentless approach to continuous improvement of both processes and individuals
  • Good knowledge of Agile frameworks (Kanban/XP/Crystal/FDD etc) and how best to utilise the values and tools
  • A hands-on technical background, preferably experience of writing code, etc.
  • Experience with DevOps (Jenkins/Azure Dev Ops/Jira

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