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HPE Launches New Machine Learning Framework for Edge and Distributed Sites

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), has today announced the launch of HPE Swarm Learning, an AI-powered privacy-preserving, decentralized machine learning solution that allows users to share learnings or insights at edge, or distributed sites without compromising data privacy. HPE Swarm Learning was developed by Hewlett Packard Labs, the company’s R&D organization. According to HPE, this solution […]

7 Principles of Agile Software Testing

In software development, the word agile basically refer to any approach where the development process is guided by principles such as collaboration, flexibility, simplicity, transparency, and responsiveness to feedback, as well as bringing together every team members as a single unit. Similarly, agile software testing generally means the process of testing software for bugs within […]

Basics on Software Quality Assurance

Basics on Software Quality Assurance The drive to digitization has being seen to grow exponentially almost in every sector from the last few decades, give rise to an increasing demand for applications and software products by companies, organizations and businesses. This growth in the use of software applications and products has created massive interests in […]

13 Critical Qualities of a Good Software Product

Critical Qualities of a Good Software Product The goal of every software engineering process is to design and develop a good software product, one that meets all its stipulated requirements or even goes beyond it. Both developers and clients have different perspectives on what a good software should be, but they both expect quality as […]

Why Businesses Need IT Consulting Services – 5 Powerful Reasons

In this modern era, the information technology industry has influenced a lot of business operations and rapidly fueling expansions. As a result, companies are constantly in need of expertise in areas such as cloud computing, software development, artificial intelligence/machine learning, internet of things (IoT), cyber security, big data and analytics, data center transformation, etc., giving […]

Intel & Community College District in Arizona Launch AI Lab

Intel and Maricopa County Community College District (MCCCD) Arizona, have just announced a new artificial intelligence (AI) incubator lab for students aspiring to get jobs in areas including business, nursing, healthcare, and other professions that increasingly draw on AI technology. Being the first of its kind in the U.S., the new AI incubator lab and […]

Oracle Adds Machine Learning Support to MySQL HeatWave

Oracle has just announced that its Oracle MySQL HeatWave now supports in-database machine learning (ML) in addition to the previously available transaction processing and analytics, to help eliminate the need to move data or the model to a machine learning tool or service. As announced, MySQL HeatWave ML fully automates the machine learning lifecycle and […]

5 Most Basic Issues with Software Product Development

5 Issues with Software Product Development The process involved in the development of a new digital product, be it a website or core software application, is never direct, plain or static, it comes with different kinds of challenges, making software product development and its launch a little bit complicated. Software development in itself is a […]

7 Essential Benefits of Automation Testing

7 Benefits of Automation Testing Software Testing is an essential part of every software development lifecycle, as it helps guarantee the quality of the software product. And in this fast-moving digital era, Automation Testing has become the new order of the day, as software delivery times have been accelerated, but not at the cost of […]