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Slack Launches Its New Community Forum Platform

Slack Launches Its New Community Forum Platform Slack has just announced the launch of its new community forum, a platform designed to give users a place to connect with others, find answers and ask questions, further setup to expand its community-led programs. As announced, the Slack Community Forum is segmented into 10 high-level topics including […]

5 Phases and Benefits of Intense Digital Product Engineering

Digital Product Engineering at Its Best While companies are making efforts to improve their digital experiences as well as meet customers’ expectations, digital product engineering has proven to suffice in aligning such efforts towards a definite goal or end. Digital products can be any digital applications, platforms, or a combination of hardware and software that […]

3 Essential Types of Software Testing

3 Essential Types of Software Testing Software testing is a broad field under software engineering that is very necessary in ensuring the delivery of a high-quality software product. If developers just go through the process of software development without fully carrying out testing, the software product is doom for failure and dissatisfaction. No matter how […]

Teams – Schedule a reply

As a Teams Administrator: Go to Teams App store Add Power Automate application to yourself Go to Create tab in Power Automate application Choose a suitable template to get started: use search on top-right section, type reply and search for Delayed reply to a message Follow the wizard  

Microsoft Releases Azure-Enabled SQL Server 2022

Microsoft Releases Azure-Enabled SQL Server 2022 Microsoft has just announced the release of its SQL Server 2022, an Azure-enabled operational database, deigned to offer differentiated performance, protect data from tampering by malicious actors as well as automate the last-writer wins rule – to help avoid multi-write scenarios. As announced, the SQL Server 2022 integrates with […]

Application Programming Interface (API) & 7 Essential Benefits

Application Programming Interface & 7 Key Benefits Businesses and life in general have become increasingly dependent on the internet, web apps, mobile apps and other types of software applications. These software applications are built using quite a number of component technologies to make them responsive, optimal and satisfying. To leverage the power of different external […]

AWS Releases New Open Source Database Capability Babelfish

AWS Releases New Open Source Database Capability Babelfish Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS), has just announced the general availability of Babelfish – a new open-source capability for its database engine Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL, with the intention of helping customers run applications written for Microsoft SQL Server directly on Amazon Aurora with little to no code […]

10 Essential Benefits of IT Consulting Services

Benefits of IT Consulting Services The digital world is experiencing a dramatic growth especially since the onset of COVID-19 pandemic – this is because of the remarkable adoption of digital transformation ideologies/concepts which has become very imperative to all forms of business growth and sustainability. However, what’s not clear to many business leaders is what […]