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PHP Date

The PHP date() function is used to format a time and/or date. The PHP Date() Function The PHP date() function formats a timestamp to a more readable date and time. A timestamp is a sequence of characters, denoting the date and/or time at which a certain event occurred. Syntax date(format,timestamp) Parameter Description format Required. Specifies […]

PHP Array

PHP Array An array stores multiple values in one single variable. What is an Array? A variable is a storage area holding a number or text. The problem is, a variable will hold only one value. An array is a special variable, which can store multiple values in one single variable. If you have a […]

Freelancing – Online Accounting Software

Freelancing – Online Accounting Software I found use this website for my accounting. I have found it the best priced accounting software available for me. Check it out, it might work for you too. Free Agent Money Management. Click the link here A fantastic online website for managing your Limited company accounts.

iPad Lock Screen Position

iPad Lock Screen Position Press your home button twice. This brings up the app bar that shows all actively running apps (yes, multitasking is here!). Simply slide the bar to the right to display the screen lock button, as well as iPod controls, brightness and volume control. Bam!

Perl Substr

Perl Substr substr This function supports three sets of passed values as follows: [perl] substr (STRING,OFFSET,LEN,REPLACEMENT) substr (STRING,OFFSET,LEN) substr (STRING,OFFSET) [/perl] The function: substr (STRING,OFFSET) returns all characters in the string after the designated offset from the start of the passed string. The function: substr (STRING,OFFSET,LEN) returns all characters in the string after the designated […]

Perl Index

Perl Index index This function returns the position of the first occurance of the specified SEARCH string. If POSITION is specified, the occurance at or after the position is returned. The value -1 is returned if the SEARCH string is not found. [perl] rindex STRING,SEARCH,POSITION rindex STRING,SEARCH [/perl]

Solaris Zones

Solaris Zones 1 Overview 1.1 Global Zone – overview 1.2 Non-Global Zone – overview 2 Considerations before choosing zones 2.1 When should I consider using zones? 2.2 Can Solaris 8 be provided in a zone? 3 Resource Management 3.1 CPU capping 3.2 Memory capping 3.3 Process capping 3.4 Global Zone Capping 4 Configuration 4.1 Supported […]