AWS Opens Free Cloud Computing Training Center in Seattle

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has just announced the opening of a free cloud computing training center for Seattle community, offering free classes and interactive exhibits designed to engage and train interested learners.

Being Amazon’s first dedicated, in-person cloud learning space – the new skills center is designed for anyone curious about cloud computing, career possibilities in the industry, and wants to know how to gain the skills to achieve their career goals which is as well organized especially for those with little or no technology background.

“We recognize that the concept of cloud computing can be intimidating for many people, but we’re here to show how the cloud powers so much of the world around us and why anyone can develop a basic understanding of it. We’ve designed it be a really open, welcoming space,” said Maureen Lonergan, vice president of Training and Certification for AWS, Seattle Skills Center.

“Basic cloud knowledge is increasingly critical in so many jobs. And I’m not just talking about in tech. It’s the case in almost every field, from manufacturing to financial services, consumer goods to academic research. We want to help as many people as possible access these opportunities by upskilling or reskilling in areas they may never have thought were for them.”

As announced, the new training center is one of the component of AWS’s ongoing investment in providing anyone with a desire to learn with access to free cloud computing skills training – an effort made in the realization of the company’s larger commitment to train 29 million people globally by 2025.

Opened to the public on Monday, November 22, the center’s open-plan is expected to bring the practical applications of cloud computing to life through a series of interactive exhibits, hands-on technology showcasing real-world uses of the cloud as well as available information about cloud computing careers and ways to get started.

Recently, AWS also announced the opening of its new Center for Quantum Computing, a facility located in Pasadena, California, expecting to build fault-tolerant and error-corrected quantum computer that can perform reliable computations.