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Strategic Partnerships for Growth and Innovation

aws logo

PodTECH proudly partners with AWS, the leading cloud infrastructure provider. With AWS's robust services in storage, analytics, networking, security, and more, PodTECH accelerates businesses' cloud adoption. Our expertise combined with AWS's global reach empowers clients to optimize IT infrastructure, enhance scalability, and drive growth. Trust PodTECH and AWS for unparalleled cloud solutions.

microsoft logo

PodTECH's partnership with Microsoft helps more organizations to secure the right solutions for improving their businesses. With one of the largest marketplaces in the industry, Microsoft provides a wide range of applications which empower us to offer our clients the latest technologies and innovations to support their digital transformation journey.

Telerik Logo

PodTECH is thrilled to partner with Telerik, a renowned provider of software development tools. This collaboration leverages Telerik's industry-leading Kendo UI Kit, enabling PodTECH to deliver exceptional software solutions. Together, we empower businesses with advanced UI components, responsive design, and seamless integration, ensuring remarkable user experiences.

ovh logo

PodTECH proudly partners with OVH, a global cloud infrastructure provider. Leveraging OVH's robust services and data centers worldwide, PodTECH delivers innovative and reliable cloud solutions. Together, we empower businesses with scalable, secure, and performance-driven technology for digital transformation and competitive advantage.

rackspace logo

PodTECH is excited to partner with Rackspace, a leading managed cloud services provider. Together, we deliver tailored cloud solutions, leveraging Rackspace's expertise and PodTECH's innovative technology. Our collaboration empowers businesses with scalable, secure, and efficient cloud infrastructure for accelerated digital transformation.

Vmware logo

PodTECH's partnership with VMware brings advanced virtualization and cloud computing solutions to businesses. By leveraging VMware's software-defined data center technologies, PodTECH enables agility, efficiency, and scalability. With services such as consulting, cloud migration, and infrastructure management, businesses can optimize their IT operations and achieve higher levels of performance.