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Excel – Ping List and Return Status

Code snippet to return IP and Hostname lookup in excel. Change the sheet name and ranges as needed. Can take some time to run on big lists!


Function GetPingResult(Host)

Dim objPing As Object
Dim objStatus As Object
Dim Result As String

'ping the host
Set objPing = GetObject("winmgmts:{impersonationLevel=impersonate}"). _
ExecQuery("Select * from Win32_PingStatus Where Address = '" & Host & "'")

'report the results
For Each objStatus In objPing
Select Case objStatus.StatusCode
Case 0: strResult = "Connected"
Case 11001: strResult = "Buffer too small"
Case 11002: strResult = "Destination net unreachable"
Case 11003: strResult = "Destination host unreachable"
Case 11004: strResult = "Destination protocol unreachable"
Case 11005: strResult = "Destination port unreachable"
Case 11006: strResult = "No resources"
Case 11007: strResult = "Bad option"
Case 11008: strResult = "Hardware error"
Case 11009: strResult = "Packet too big"
Case 11010: strResult = "Request timed out"
Case 11011: strResult = "Bad request"
Case 11012: strResult = "Bad route"
Case 11013: strResult = "Time-To-Live (TTL) expired transit"
Case 11014: strResult = "Time-To-Live (TTL) expired reassembly"
Case 11015: strResult = "Parameter problem"
Case 11016: strResult = "Source quench"
Case 11017: strResult = "Option too big"
Case 11018: strResult = "Bad destination"
Case 11032: strResult = "Negotiating IPSEC"
Case 11050: strResult = "General failure"
Case Else: strResult = "Unknown host"
End Select
GetPingResult = strResult

'reset object ping variable
Set objPing = Nothing
End Function

'this sub calls the above function using a for each loop
Sub GetIPStatus()
'this clears the current Ping Status column (not necessary but visually helpful

Dim Cell As Range
Dim ipRng As Range
Dim Result As String
Dim Wks As Worksheet
Dim StartTime As Double
Dim SecondsElapsed As Double

'this starts a time to see how long the status check takes
StartTime = Timer

'setting values of variables
Set Wks = Worksheets("Sheet1")
Set ipRng = Wks.Range("A2")
Set RngEnd = Wks.Cells(Rows.Count, ipRng.Column).End(xlUp)
Set ipRng = IIf(RngEnd.Row < ipRng.Row, ipRng, Wks.Range(ipRng, RngEnd))

'this is a loop that feeds each server from the list into the GetPingResult function
For Each Cell In ipRng
Result = GetPingResult(Cell)
Cell.Offset(0, 1) = Result
Next Cell

'this calculates the time it took to run the script and converts it to minutes
SecondsElapsed = Round(Round(Timer - StartTime, 2) / 60)

'this displays the final time taken and lets the user know everything has completed
MsgBox "This code ran successfully in " & SecondsElapsed & " minutes", vbInformation

End Sub