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Upgrade Your Dell Laptop Hard Drive in Windows 7

There is probably an easier way to do this, but I got there doing the following steps..

1. Find out the type of hard drive you currently have in your laptop. Mine was a 250Gb SATA 2.5inch drive.

2. Purchase your replacement drive that is the same interface (SATA) and size (2.5′).

3. Purchase a USB enclosure:


4. Download a Hard Drive Clone utility. There are a few around, try searching google.


5. Kick off the software and commence copying..

– make sure you disable power options in Windows, such as turning off hard disk after 20mins..

6. Insert your new drive into your laptop

7. Restart Windows

8. At this stage I received a Windows error and I had to ‘repair’ my installation. For this you need a Windows 7 install CD. For this step if you dont have one you could download an ISO from somewhere. The repair takes about 2 seconds.

9. For me the new drive started up as drive F:/ which had Windows complaining and stalling..

10.. Start windows in Safe mode by holding F8 on boot

11. Start REGEDIT.exe – you may need to do this through the task manager , ctrl-alt-del

12. Browse here : HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SYSTEM > MountedDevices

13. Rename \DosDevices\C: to a different drive say \DosDevices\Z:

14. Rename the current drive you are on to \DosDevice\C:

15. Reboot a few times. CHKDSK will likely run and pick out a few erros

16. All done.