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3 Basic and Important Levels of Software Optimization

The 3 Basic Levels of Software Optimization

Software Optimization is one among many desirable goals in software engineering with others including portability, maintainability, stability, scalability, etc., and it is necessary if building an efficiently functional application is the end goal.

Software development is a creative and human-centered process, which is full of different decisions to be made on processes, resources, artefacts, tools and techniques – occurring at different stages of the development life-cycle. Some of these decisions have a strong impact on the success of a software project, one of which is the building with Optimization in view.

What is Software Optimization?

Optimization is the process of finding the best solution from all possible alternatives to make a system perfect, fully functional and effective. Software optimization therefore means, the process of modifying a software system to make some aspect of it work more efficiently or use fewer resources.

Generally, software optimization focuses on improving a system’s performance, so that it executes more rapidly, or to make it capable of operating with less memory storage, execution time, bandwidth, or other resources. And when we talk about performance in software development, it most often refer to speed, i.e., how fast processes are performed or how fast pages are loading – which will provide a better user experience.

When it comes to software development, optimization include the whole process starting from the problem analysis, modeling, algorithms, data interpretation, modifying data and/or the underlying model, and re-running algorithms.

The 3 Basic Level of Software Optimization

The task of optimization can be performed by monitoring and analyzing the performance of an application and identifying ways to improve it, but there are different levels of software optimization in software development which include the following:

  1. Design Level: while bearing in mind that the architectural design of a system plays a major role and affects the system’s performance, ensure to make the best use of available resources, given goals, and expected load. It is also very important to have a firsthand knowledge of every available options to know the best to choose.
  2. Algorithm and Data Structure: these plays a very key role and is crucial to the system’s performance also, and to ensure the optimization at this stage, the best data structure must be adopted which are abstract data types, and that the algorithms are at their best state
  3. Code level: at actual source code level, optimizations can include ensuring there are no extraneous commands, repetitive calls or poorly written functions. But first, developers must make sure to choose languages that best implement design algorithms.

How to Perform Software Optimization

  1. Problem Research: with only superficial knowledge of a system, you could end up introducing more problems than fixing them. Carrying out an in-depth analysis of the system will help in identifying which area needs optimization, and which optimizations are more likely to impact the business.
  2. Choose the Best infrastructure and hardware: Making good choices when it comes to hardware and infrastructure is crucial and getting better hardware infrastructure sometimes might not always solve the problem, instead, finding flexible solutions like elastic cloud infrastructure might be the best choice.
  3. Use best practices and standards for code: adopt the best tech practices and standards that are future-proof. These practices are design in such a way that application development can be structured so that future improvements are more modular, where changing a part doesn’t mean taking apart the whole system.


It’s critical to have a software that is not only correct, but optimized for high performance and efficiency. While optimization may sound ideal, it is important to note that optimization processes require great expertise to avoid sabotaging the performance of a system or dependent wares. Hence, we recommend that businesses look out for qualified and capable individuals or team for such operations.

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