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7 Principles of Agile Software Testing

In software development, the word agile basically refer to any approach where the development process is guided by principles such as collaboration, flexibility, simplicity, transparency, and responsiveness to feedback, as well as bringing together every team members as a single unit. Similarly, agile software testing generally means the process of testing software for bugs within […]

6 Phases of Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC)

6 Phases of Software Testing Life Cycle We cannot downplay the role of software testing in any software development process because it takes care of the quality of every software product. It is also an integral part of the software development life cycle (SDLC) that should be required right from the beginning of every software […]

2 Essential Types of Maintenance Testing

The 2 Types of Maintenance Testing Software testing is an important part of any software development process and one of the numerous types of software testing is Maintenance Testing while others including unit testing, beta testing, integration testing, black-box and white box testing, and lots more. Software testing are carried out at different stages of […]

10 Critical Types of Non-Functional Testing

10 Types of Non-Functional Testing Non-functional testing is a method of software testing that handles non-functional parameters such as reliability, load test, performance, usability, scalability, and reliability of a software product, mostly those not covered by functional testing. While functional testing verifies what software does, non-functional testing verifies the way software should behave and how […]

13 Types of Software Functional Testing

13 Types of Software Functional Testing In software testing, functional testing is used to verify the functionality of a software application, to check whether each function is working according to the requirement specifications. It is a practice that delivers huge benefits to software development processes. Software testing in itself is the process of analyzing a […]

3 Essential Types of Software Testing

3 Essential Types of Software Testing Software testing is a broad field under software engineering that is very necessary in ensuring the delivery of a high-quality software product. If developers just go through the process of software development without fully carrying out testing, the software product is doom for failure and dissatisfaction. No matter how […]