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Microsoft & KPMG Partner to Provide Quantum-Powered Optimization

Microsoft & KPMG Join Forces to Provide Optimization Solutions

Microsoft and KPMG have just announced a collaboration to jointly work on building optimization solutions using Azure Quantum to help solve common business problems through the use of quantum-inspired optimization techniques.

As announced, the solution is deigned to emulate the quantum effects on classical computers to develop quantum-inspired optimization (QIO) algorithms that can run on classical hardware, deviating from the traditional method of solving optimization problems and to provide a speed-up over traditional approaches. In addition, the algorithms are expected to allow researchers, developers, and solution providers to benefit from quantum approaches available on classical hardware.

KPMG intends to tap into Azure Quantum’s powerful optimization tools through its dedicated team of professionals focused on quantum-related technologies to drive real business impact. As stated, the team is educating clients on future capabilities of quantum computing and how to apply emerging capabilities to real business problems.

“We are excited to work directly with Microsoft engineering and research experts applying Azure Quantum QIO technology to our clients’ most challenging optimization problems. The Azure Quantum platform allows us to explore numerous different solver approaches utilizing the same code, helping to minimize re-work and improve efficiency. The shared goal for these initial projects is to build solution blueprints for common industry optimization problems using Azure Quantum, which we can then provide to more clients at scale,” says Bent Dalager, Global Head of KPMG’s Quantum Hub.

The initial collaboration projects is expected to focus on benchmarking solutions for financial services portfolio optimization and telecommunication service fleet optimization. The companies plan to share results in the coming months.

Recently, Microsoft also announced the release of an Azure-enabled operational database, SQL Server 2022 integrated with Azure Synapse Link. The product is designed to offer differentiated performance, protect data from tampering by malicious actors as well as automate the last-writer wins rule which can help avoid multi-write scenarios.