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Microsoft Adds New Partners & Capabilities to Azure Space

Microsoft Adds New Partners & Capabilities to Azure Space

Microsoft has just announced a new set of partnerships and capabilities for its Azure Space which will further expand its mission of bringing together the possibilities of Space and the power of the cloud, and to help companies that need satellite, geospatial and other space-related technologies.

Introduced sometimes last year, the Azure Space is designed to help organizations achieve more on and off the planet with the newly added capabilities including Azure Orbital – intended to enable satellites communication and control from Microsoft owned and partnered ground-stations, SpaceEye – an AI-based system designed to generate ‘cloud-free’ optical and multispectral imagery for the planet as well as Project Turing – which is intended to be used to prepare and enhance geospatial data for better human interoperability.

“The power of extracting and leveraging data collected from space can transform entire industries and create new paradigms. Azure Space, through partnerships, space data, our collaboration tools, and Microsoft services and capabilities, unlock powerful possibilities for customers,” said Tom Keane, Corporate Vice President, Azure Global, Microsoft Azure

With Airbus as one of the new set of partners, Microsoft intends to feed Azure Maps with the company’s satellite imagery and elevation data including SPOT 1.5m, Pléiades 50cm, and Pléiades Neo 30cm, that can further transform the understanding of the world. The other set of partners include iDirect – virtualization partnership, Esri, Blackshark.ai, and Orbital Insight – geospatial and data analytics partnerships.

“We are thrilled to be a part of the Microsoft Azure community. Azure Maps users, eager for accurate and top-quality imagery, will be able to rely on Airbus’ premium data services to develop new applications and turn their innovative ideas into reality,” said François Lombard, director of the intelligence business at Airbus Defense and space.

As announced, one of the new capabilities introduced, Azure Orbital is now available in public preview – a service that is expected to enable satellite operators eliminate the technical, scheduling, and cost challenges of building a dedicated ground station network.