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IBM Expands Partnership with SAP to Launch New Toolsets

IBM Expands Partnership with SAP to Launch New Toolsets

IBM has just announced the expansion of its partnership with SAP through the launch of “RISE with SAP”, a new set of tools designed to help clients accelerate the migration of their on-premise SAP software workloads to IBM Cloud.

With IBM being the premium supplier for “RISE with SAP”, the lunch of the new set of tools is with the intention of providing technology and consulting expertise that will make it easier for clients to embrace a hybrid cloud approach and move mission-critical workloads from SAP® solutions to the cloud for regulated and non-regulated industries.

“We are thrilled to advance our long-standing partnership through RISE with SAP. Our shared commitment is to meet our clients, especially those in highly regulated industries, where they are in their digital journey, while giving them choices for migrating or modernizing their mission critical workloads with a hybrid cloud approach,” said John Granger, Senior Vice President, IBM Consulting.

IBM is also unveiling a new program – BREAKTHROUGH with IBM for RISE with SAP, a portfolio of solutions and consulting services stated to be built on a flexible and scalable platform with the aim to help accelerate and amplify the journey to SAP S/4HANA® Cloud.

“BREAKTHROUGH with IBM is an outstanding complement to RISE with SAP as it lays the foundation for our customers to embark on or advance their business transformation journeys. Further, it reaffirms the value customers recognize from RISE with SAP and the impact and innovation opportunity RISE with SAP offers to organizations that move to the cloud. I have every confidence that the combined expertise and experience SAP and IBM offer will accelerate cloud adoption and business growth for customers across the globe,” said Brian Duffy, President of Cloud, SAP.

According to IBM, BREAKTHROUGH with IBM is designed to provide an engagement model that helps plan, execute and support holistic business transformation while clients are also offered the flexibility and choice to migrate SAP solution workloads to the public cloud with the support of industry expertise.