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Google Cloud & Digital Turbine Announces Strategic Partnership

Google Cloud & Digital Turbine Announces Strategic Partnership

Digital Turbine, Inc. has just announced a multi-year strategic partnership with Google with the aim of accelerating its product and growth strategy to support the Android ecosystem by enabling devices with intelligent app discovery.

The independent mobile growth & monetization platform Digital Turbine, intends to work with Google Cloud premier partner SADA to implement Google’s enterprise and cloud solutions to rapidly enhance its global expansion while broadening growth and monetization solutions for its partners.

“We are excited to partner with Digital Turbine to support the expansion and scale of its products and services globally. Digital Turbine has been a longtime supporter of the Android ecosystem, and with this new partnership, it will utilize our advanced cloud and enterprise infrastructure to expand support of its value-added mobile experiences to end users around the globe,” said Rob Enslin, President of Google Cloud.

“For the past 10 years Digital Turbine has helped expand the Android ecosystem with our intelligent app discovery, growth and monetization products supporting many of the leading Android app developers in the market today. We are thrilled to further deepen and expand our partnership with Google. By partnering with Google we are efficiently powering app discovery for nearly a billion Android devices globally while simultaneously expanding our footprint across the Android ecosystem including mobile, TV and connected devices,” said Bill Stone, CEO of Digital Turbine.

Recently, Google Cloud also announced the expansion of its strategic partnership with a Spanish tech company Minsait, with the aim of jointly offering cloud solutions in Spain, targeting public and private sector organizations and to help accelerate the country’s digital transformation.

Through this expanded partnership, Google Cloud intends to offer the elasticity and agility of a public and hybrid cloud that is based on open source technology, while Minsait is to provide its expertise in external encryption key management, security services, cloud infrastructure management services, and local support, as well as ongoing data center auditing.