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Linux Foundation Launches New Open Programmable Infrastructure Project (OPI)

Linux Foundation Launches New Open Programmable Infrastructure Project (OPI) The Linux Foundation has announced the new Open Programmable Infrastructure (OPI) Project to drive the development of open standards for new class of Cloud Native infrastructure. The new project is designed to facilitate the simplification of network, storage and security APIs within applications to enable more […]

NTT to Develop Data-sharing Platform that Interconnects with Catena-X

NTT to Develop Data-sharing Platform that Interconnects with Catena-X NTT group has announced that its IT business companies will collaborate to develop a data-sharing platform that interconnects with Catena-X, a European data ecosystem operated by German automotive companies and suppliers. While Catena-X is built based on a key architecture advocated in Gaia-X, a European software […]

Cloudflare Launches the First Integrated Database for Its Serverless Platform

Cloudflare has announced its new integrated serverless database Cloudflare D1, which will enable developers to start building database-backed applications using Cloudflare Workers. Cloudflare Workers is a serverless application platform running on Cloudflare’s global cloud network. With the launch of Cloudflare D1, mobile and SaaS application developers are offered instant access to SQLite database technology directly […]

Why Businesses Need IT Consulting Services – 5 Powerful Reasons

In this modern era, the information technology industry has influenced a lot of business operations and rapidly fueling expansions. As a result, companies are constantly in need of expertise in areas such as cloud computing, software development, artificial intelligence/machine learning, internet of things (IoT), cyber security, big data and analytics, data center transformation, etc., giving […]

5 Basic and Important Types of Computer Software

5 Basic Types of Computer Software In this digital era, we are surrounded by different types of computer software, all designed in a bid to make our life easier and more efficient. Day-by-day, we see software trends increasing rapidly, in numbers as well as functionalities, created by expert software development companies for personal use or […]

Set WSL Version2

1 . Open Windows command prompt 2. Get current version: wsl -l -v NAME STATE VERSION * Ubuntu-20.04 Running 1 docker-desktop Running 2 docker-desktop-data Running 2   3. Switch version wsl –set-version Ubuntu-20.04 2   4. Verify wsl -l -v NAME STATE VERSION * Ubuntu-20.04 STOPPED 2 docker-desktop Running 2 docker-desktop-data Running 2  

3 Critical Importance of Ad-Hoc IT Support

Importance of Ad-Hoc IT Support To ensure the smooth running of any business, Ad-Hoc IT support is one of the available IT support services options that organizations can consider irrespective of their size and IT need, with others including in-house support services and managed services. Technical glitches, errors and disasters are terms very common in […]

Rebranding As A Powerful Digital Marketing Strategy & 4 Benefits

Rebranding as a Digital Marketing Strategy The ultimate reason why organizations consider digital marketing is to increase their revenue opportunities, mostly achieved by giving their brands more visibility as well as positioning themselves in front of the right audience at the right time. While, there are a number of digital marketing strategies available out there […]

Teams – Schedule a reply

As a Teams Administrator: Go to Teams App store Add Power Automate application to yourself Go to Create tab in Power Automate application Choose a suitable template to get started: use search on top-right section, type reply and search for Delayed reply to a message Follow the wizard