Chrome/Catalina Certificate Issue

If you are having issues trying to reach a self signed website, router or esxi host, with an error:  NET::ERR_CERT_REVOKED . You will notice you cannot ignore and proceed in the new Mac OSX Catalina release! A quick solution (ensure you trust the site) In the chrome browser whilst on the page, type “thisisunsafe”  […]

Docker VPN – Instant VPN

Nice and easy way to setup a VPN on any cloud provider in 5 mins. Create a linux vm, Ubuntu, Redhat or a AWS AMI – your choice! A static IP might be useful for you. Ensure your security group firewall permits the following: tcp=5555 udp=500,4500 Install docker as a service, something like: yum install[…]

Lost Application Window!

If you are having pain and have lost your application window to a monitor that doesnt exist, try this!  From the task bar: 1. Press and hold the Shift key, right click or press and hold on the taskbar app icon and release the Shift key. 2. Click/tap on Move. (as per screen grab)   3. Using your up-down-left-right keys on your keyboard, hold[…]

Certbot WWW and Non-WWW

For Apache To use certbot for both a http://domain and http://www.domain use the following command:  

  Without specifying both domains, you will get a certificate error for the domain not specified during creation.

Reverse Proxy into Linux via SSH

Instructions to establish a reverse SSH proxy on server startup. Useful for setting up a server behind gateways/firewalls.   Install SSH keys on the remote and local server. Note the command should work independently before setting up as a service.

On the remote server you can login via the tunnel

  Create a service[…]

Setup WIFI on Ubuntu Beaver with Netgear A6210

Ensure the Netgear dongle is seen by the OS

  Installing Netgear A6210

  Command line setup on Ubuntu Beaver.. Install the network manager package

Start the network manager service

Run the network manager UI

    These can be useful

Ubuntu Server 18.04 (Bionic Beaver) – Set Static IP Address

The latest version of Ubuntu server has moved management of IP information from /etc/network/interfaces into a YAML file located here: /etc/netplan/ Example static IP address set below: Step 1: Edit the file: /etc/netplan/50-cloud-init.yaml  Set the IP to:

Step 2: Apply the change, run the command: netplan apply  

Block IPs by country – Apache

Step 1 If you are using debian or ubuntu, install the mod-geoip package. sudo apt-get install libapache2-mod-geoip   Step 2 Enable GeoIPEnable, edit geoip.conf

  Step 3 Find Country Code Lookup: In Apache vhosts file, outside of the </Directory> tags:

Step 4 service apache2 restart  

Linux – if anyone logs in notify SSH

Put the following in /etc/profile: The script /etc/profile is executed at every login (for bash shell users).  

  If you have issues delivering mail to a GMAIL inbox, make sure your domain is the first entry in /etc/hosts.. .