Jupyter Notebook – Denied Launch in Opera

Redirects from html files fail in the Opera web browser. You can disable them by adding a redirect parameter in a Jupyter user configuration file.

If you dont have a config file it can be generated like below. Search and then uncomment the var.

Slow Onedrive – Mac

Prior to this, I was seeing 1 file per 5 seconds! If you’re suffering from a super slow onedrive sync on a mac, then these steps might help.  Note this worked in June 2020.. Quit OneDrive. (Select the cloud icon in the top tray, then select Settings > Quit OneDrive.) Find OneDrive in your Applications folder. Right-click OneDrive and select Show Package Contents. Browse to[…]

Offline Linux Package Install

for debian systems. Ubuntu 18.04 1. Download The packages On an internet connected system, download the packages you need.

If you already have the package installed locally, you will need to add the –reinstall flag

2. Copy to the target system The download-only options, puts the package and dependencies into

Download the[…]

Chrome/Catalina Certificate Issue

If you are having issues trying to reach a self signed website, router or esxi host, with an error:  NET::ERR_CERT_REVOKED . You will notice you cannot ignore and proceed in the new Mac OSX Catalina release! A quick solution (ensure you trust the site) In the chrome browser whilst on the page, type “thisisunsafe”  […]

Upgrade Windows 2016 Eval License

Open a command prompt as an administrator and depending on the version, run either of these: Dism /online /Set-Edition:ServerDatacenter /AcceptEula /ProductKey:12345-67890-12345-67890-12345 OR Dism /online /Set-Edition:ServerStandard /AcceptEula /ProductKey:12345-67890-12345-67890-12345     This is useful if you are seeing a ‘cannot upgrade from this edition’ error message.

Docker VPN – Instant VPN

Nice and easy way to setup a VPN on any cloud provider in 5 mins. Create a linux vm, Ubuntu, Redhat or a AWS AMI – your choice! A static IP might be useful for you. Ensure your security group firewall permits the following: tcp=5555 udp=500,4500 Install docker as a service, something like: yum install[…]