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5 Most Basic Issues with Software Product Development

5 Issues with Software Product Development

The process involved in the development of a new digital product, be it a website or core software application, is never direct, plain or static, it comes with different kinds of challenges, making software product development and its launch a little bit complicated.

Software development in itself is a part of a highly complex, vast and dynamic industry (information technology) and it’s directly influenced by several factors, including growing complexities, market conditions, changing technology trends – that may cause a lot of challenges not only for beginner software developers but also to expert developers.

Due to these rapid growth and changes in software product development industry, developers might have to come across numerous roadblocks during the process of software development lifecycle that can affect the outcome of development processes and influence different aspects of a software product including functionality, usability, maintenance, performance etc.

However, in order to drive efficiency in software product development processes, developers need to know what these common issues are and how they come about, as well as devise a systematic roadmap to cope with every single one of them.

5 Most Common Issues with Software Product Development

  1. Requirements: The first problem software developer are likely to face in software product development is the acquisition of actual requirements of clients. Prior to the actual planning and implementation of any software project, the development team must have a clear understanding of what the client wants.

Although, it might take an immeasurable amount of time to collect these requirements, it will surely take away the need to invest more time, effort, and money in the development stage.

  1. Budget and Schedule: Unrealistic timelines and lack of budget can get in the way of developing an application or software. Development team must allow adequate time for planning, design, testing, bug fixing, re-testing, changes, and documentation – this will ensure the completion of the project without burning out the team.
  2. Communication: collaborative communication is an important ingredient for an effective software product development process which include communications between the client and the development team, between teams, between finance and project management, etc.

To avoid this issue, one can adopt communication tools to keep all the information up-to-date and available to everyone on the team, as well as documenting the entire development process.

  1. Adequate Testing: software testing is a part of software development process done to assure the quality of a software product. And when testing is inadequate, it will simple lead to poor performance of the software as well as delivery of a product that is full of bugs.

Developers must therefore, take testing seriously and thoroughly test every software to help identify areas that are not in line with expected outcomes and ensure the fixing of bugs in the early development stages.

  1. Right team members: members of software development team differs and depends on the project’s goals. Meaning that different software means different team members. To ensure the success of any project it is necessary to have the right team member.

It is therefore, a good practice to have a variety of team members, each with their own expertise, and also match each person’s experience to the type of project at hand.


While overcoming software product development issues and challenges won’t be easy, however, one should select the best software development company that are expert at handling these common pitfalls for the proper execution of software project.

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