Ubuntu – What package does a file belong to??


  To install apt-file, use:

You will need to update its database before you can use it:

Ubuntu – Which Process is Using a port?

1- Find what application/process is using the pro, type: sudo netstat -lpn |grep :8080 and press Enter. You will get an output similar to this one tcp6       0      0 :::8080                 :::*                    LISTEN      6782/java 2- I have got the process Id, which is 6782, now this is the process that is using port 8080.  

Heart Bleed – Exploit Example Code

If you need to test your server for the vulnerability, here is a simple Python script… [python] #!/usr/bin/python import sys import struct import socket import time import select import re from optparse import OptionParser options = OptionParser(usage=’%prog server [options]’, description=’Test for SSL heartbeat vulnerability (CVE-2014-0160)’) options.add_option(‘-p’, ‘–port’, type=’int’, default=443, help=’TCP port to test (default: 443)’)[…]

Apache – APR-util not found

.. Download APR && APR-UTIL from http://apr.apache.org/download.cgi Add the two unpacked directories into SRCLIBS in your apache source directory, make sure they are named apr and apr-util… Compile with ./configure XXX –with-included-apr