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13 Critical Qualities of a Good Software Product

Critical Qualities of a Good Software Product

The goal of every software engineering process is to design and develop a good software product, one that meets all its stipulated requirements or even goes beyond it. Both developers and clients have different perspectives on what a good software should be, but they both expect quality as the end product of every software development process.

It is a fact that quality is not cheap – in terms of cost and required labor, however, possessing the fore knowledge of what a good software is, as a developer and as a client, will help smoothen the process of development as well as assure the development of a high grade product.

Aside meeting all the software requirements stipulated by the customer or end-user, to develop a good software product, there are several fundamental characteristics that should be embedded in the core of the software’s existence, however, this article will highlight just a few.

Qualities of a Good Software

These fundamental qualities are grouped into three categories:

  1. Operational:

These are functionality based qualities and the external features of software which include the following characteristics:

  • Correctness: first qualifier is that a good software should meet all the requirements specifications stated by the customer.
  • Usability: Users should be able to easily learn and use the system. A user-friendly software is one that users spend little amount of efforts or time to learn how to use it.
  • Efficiency: This characteristic relates to the way software uses the available resources. The less resource a piece of software uses, the better. A good software should make effective use of resources such a processor, memory and disk space, and execute command as per desired timing requirements.
  • Reliability: a good software should not have any defects and should be able to perform its required functions stably.
  • Security: this character is very important especially with the increase in security threats nowadays. A good software shouldn’t have ill effects on data/hardware and proper measures should be put in place to keep data secure from external threats.
  • Safety: a good software should not be hazardous to the environment or life.
  1. Transitional: this deal with the ease with which a software can moved from one platform to another. The characteristics include:
  • Portability: this describe the ability of a software performing same functions across all

environment and platforms.

  • Reusability: If the source code of a software is usable with or without modifications for different purpose then it can be said that the software is good. The more reusable parts that a piece of software has, the better.
  • Interoperability: this is the ability of software to successfully exchange information with other software and make efficient use of the information.
  1. Maintenance: These are engineering based factors that certify the interior qualities of the software, before it could be termed good. These characteristics are:
  • Modularity: units and modules are the makeup of any software, each different from the other and can exist independently – all put together to give the final software. A good software product should have high modularity in a way that the software can easily be divided into separate independent parts to easy the process of modification and testing.
  • Maintainability: this is the ease with which a software product can accommodate new changes to satisfy new requirements or to correct deficiencies. A good software product must evolve with changing requirements, and it maintenance should be easy for all kind of users.
  • Flexibility: a software is flexible if the process required for adding or modifying or removing a software’s functionality is easy and without it hampering current operation of the software. This is a little bit similar to maintainability, however, while flexibility focuses on major functional extensibilities, maintainability is more about modification of the error and minor corrections.
  • Scalability: this is the ability of a software to handle increasing or decreasing resources or data including, transaction, services, memory, etc. A good software should be built in such a way makes it very easy to upgrade, seamlessly supporting more workloads such as more number of users or processing tasks.


In Software Development, the quality of a software product is everything, although any developer or team of developers can develop a software, it takes experience and expertise to develop a good software product.

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